Mens Page, Club Captain's Message

Mr President, Lady President, Chairman, Lady Captain and members of Radcliffe on Trent Golf Club.

I must be honest and say I was totally shocked to be asked to be Captain by Simon earlier this year. I wasn’t expecting or looking for it but on reflection I was honoured to be asked and will be very proud to be the Captain of Radcliffe on Trent Golf Club.

I suspect like many who have been asked before, I was concerned as to whether I could do it justice. After all we know the history of being Captain suggest lots of hours and lots of cash and certainly, I have the utmost respect for those who have done the job before.

Since I was asked, Karl, Simon and Jackie have been brilliant and are at pains to encourage me try and change the perception of the role from one of foot soldier to one of being an ambassador for the club.

My year as Vice-Captain has given me the chance to reflect on my role for 2019 and reflect on what I want from my golf club and what we can do to help it move forward.

So, I thought what I want from my golf club;

As you know I am a competitive chap, so I want good competitions to play in and good golfers to play with and against and we have plenty of that!

I want a great golf course – I feel that everything being done right now is geared to developing a great course (maybe not to everyone’s taste and we do need to be mindful of that)

I want a place to relax and enjoy the company of friends – it is without doubt a welcoming environment!

I want to have the chance to attend fun events in a comfortable and relaxed environment – the recent New Year’s Eve party shows that we ‘can put on a show’ and we should continue to offer a variety of events for our varied membership.

I want my golf at a reasonable affordable price – and compared to other courses we get that too!!

So, all in all it ticks the boxes for me.

It’s fair to say I can’t be here 24/7 as I work full time, but I will do my bit that is for sure. I have big shoes to fill from those who have gone before me.

My hope for 2019 starts with helping to continue to develop the ethos of our club, something that Jackie and Simon have done brilliantly. Namely to involve all sections of the club and make it a place where members can come and enjoy their time. For some it is being serious about their golf and for others a place to socialise and relax.

We are going to start with the Drive in on Sunday when all parts of the club will be involved together, men’s, ladies’ seniors and juniors and I hope the weather is kind and it will be a day to remember.

As a club we face many challenges. It is well documented that many clubs face financial pressures as we do, but as you will have seen from this AGM the General Committee and the Club management are making great strides to ensure the future is bright.

We are now a busy club as our membership increases, but with that comes increased pressure on tee times especially Saturdays, but surely better than a few years ago when we were looking to financially in trouble.

It is vital that we continue to monitor this to ensure we can all play golf when we want to.

Karl, Dawn and Teresa in the office along with Phil and Craig are doing an amazing job and deserve our continued support and respect.

The Course is our jewel and I can’t remember a time when it was better presented. 

Personally, I am loving the new ideas especially having that 1st as a par 5, but I appreciate it’s not everyone’s perfect idea, but we can’t deny the improvement in the course and there is more improvement to come which is why we are continuing to invest in it.

There are many wonderful people involved in the club on a voluntary basis too which is a hugely important part of the club and they should be congratulated and supported.

Modern life leads to different pressures on people so we’re seeing more need to be connected by phone / email whilst at the club and while we understand that, we should be mindful of others and at all time respect that not all want to be full on and that others join a member’s club to enjoy peace and quiet.

So, my hope is that we all respect others needs and rights and to allow them to get on and do what they do.

I would like to welcome Chris Asher as my vice-captain. He was also shocked to be asked, but after being plied with a few beverages we managed to persuade him to take the role on. I have no doubt he will be a brilliant asset to the club.

Can I also share a warm welcome to;

Seniors captain Steve Lawes - following your challenges in 2018 it is brilliant to have you on board.

Ladies Captain Gaye Docherty – I hope we can all ensure you enjoy your year too

Junior captain Ben George - I just hope his handicap comes down quickly following the hammering we took from the Juniors earlier this year.

I hope you will ‘all’ have a great and enjoyable year.

My Charity for 2019 is to be my own Charity the Belvoir Cricket & Countryside Trust. The Trust is in its 10th year now and has just under 3000 children a year being engaged in sport and countryside education. I hope you will feel able to support me through this year and I have briefed all the bar staff to keep an eye on the Captain’s bunker to ensure you pay up if you land it in there!

I am certainly looking forward to 2019 and hope I can carry on the great standards left by past captain’s Simon and Jackie who have both done a remarkable job.

Enjoy the club, enjoy your golf, enjoy the social events and I look forward to catching up with as many of you as possible during the year.


Club Captain 2019

                                                                                                                                                                  Darren Bicknell

Partners of Radcliffe Golf Club, thank you for your support