Dress Code


We trust our guests and members to dress appropriately for a golf club and, as such, we no longer have a rigid dress code. However, the guidance below should help you determine what is appropriate.



  • Appropriate golf attire or smart casual wear
  • Deck shoes, sandals (with or without socks) and trainers
  • Denim trousers/skirts and shirts


  • Waterproofs
  • Hats (apart from religious observance)
  • Golf shoes of any description in the main dining area
  • Tracksuits or torn jeans
  • Beach or athletics/football shorts
  • Vests, athletic or sports shirts
  • Plastic or rubber flip flops


  • Smart, recognised golf attire
  • Smart, golf shorts must be accompanied by the wearing of white ankle/trainer/sport socks which are acceptable for both ladies and gentlemen
  • Trousers not to be tucked into socks except when wearing waterproofs
  • Mens shirts should be worn inside trousers/shorts
  • Golf shoes must be worn by players at all times
  • Golf headgear must be worn correctly with the peak to the front
  • No denim, t-shirts or vests
  • No walking shoes or flip flops
  • No track/leisure suits, beach or combat shorts


Players must wear conventional golf shoes on the course at all times. We recommend a ‘soft spike’ shoe policy from 1 April - 31 October. Spectators may wear suitable flat shoes on the course including training shoes.


All devices must be on silent. Mobile phones may be used on the course in emergency situations only.





















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